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December 19, 2022

Introducing Blues’ Tallest Tower!

What’s Blues’ Tallest Tower!?

Blues’ Tallest Tower is a new daily challenge game mode that consists of 3 randomized levels you need to complete in a row to gain rewards and help the birds build each level of their new Tower.

🏗️ How To Play?

Every day, you’ll get 3 randomized levels you need to complete to level up your tower +1 floor. See how high up you can get with each completed level in order to increase your rewards, but watch out because each day will get progressively more challenging as the Tower rises! 

Failing to win on a first attempt will knock the entire tower over, resetting the player’s progress. Luckily, the higher you get, you will eventually reach one of several checkpoint floors with bonus rewards, where you gain a floor to fall back on if the challenge gets too difficult.

🏗️ It’s time to head into the Blues’ Tallest Tower mode and complete the three levels. Collect the materials and start building your own tower today!

Watch the video!