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What is Red’s Club?

Are you ready to soar to new heights and receive fantastic rewards? Red’s Club, will give you access to exclusive offers and member rewards! Join the flock now!

Look for the Red’s Club icon on the right side of the Main Menu and tap on the Sign in button, or, sign in via the Game Settings.

When you register and log in for the first time in Angry Birds Friends, you will automatically receive your Bird Coins.

Angry Birds Friends doesn’t currently save you progress to the cloud with your Red’s Club Account. We’re working on this! After joining Red’s Club, you can connect the game to Facebook or Sign in with Apple to save your progress.

If you previously created a Rovio Account in Red’s First Flight, you can use that to sign in to Red’s Club. We just changed the name. Welcome to the club as one of the early adopters!

Currently supported games:

  • Angry Birds Friends: If you are signed into Red’s Club you can purchase exclusive offers on the Web Store but the Red’s Club account is not used to save your progress to the cloud
  • Red’s First Flight: You can save your progress by signing into Red’s Club  

We are working to add other games and more features.

When you click to buy a product in Red’s Club Store, a payment screen will display with different payment methods. Choose the payment option you prefer and follow the instructions. 

All transactions are handled by our trusted payment partner, Fastspring.  They will need your email address to send the receipt of your purchase. You will also have to accept the terms of service.  Note that Rovio Entertainment will not request or store your payment details. For questions related to these topics, please contact Fastspring customer support.

Once  the payment is complete and you see the “Purchase completed” page, we’ll add the item to your game’s inventory. If the item is not immediately visible in your game, simply force-close the application before restarting it. Your item should now be waiting for you!

If you already force-closed your game, and the item has still not arrived,  you can contact Rovio Player Support from the game › Settings › Support. We’ll get you sorted. 

If you encounter issues with the payment, or your payment details, contact our payment partner via the instructions delivered to you with the receipt email you received.

For questions related to purchases or payment methods, please contact Fastspring customer support at

You may erase the personal data associated with your account in an individual Rovio game or the personal data associated with a Red’s Club Account you have created for use across Rovio games. You will find instructions for both in this FAQ.

To erase personal data associated with a game account:
Our games include an automated tool that allows you to request erasure through the game application.

To submit an erasure request:

  1. Open the game application.
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu (Gear icon).
  3. Now, tap “Terms and Privacy” or a similarly named button.
  4. A window will open that displays links to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.
  5. Select “Request personal data to be erased” below the links.
  6. Remember to confirm the request when prompted.

Note that erasure requests are game-specific. If you wish to submit a request for several games, you should repeat the process for each game.

To erase personal data associated with a Red ID:
You may request that your Red’s Club account be erased through the account settings of Red’s Club.

To submit an erasure request:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click on your avatar (next to the menu icon) to open the “My Profile” page.
  3. Now, click on Account Management.
  4. On the page that opens, select “Request personal data to be erased.“.
  5. Select “Erase Account” and confirm your selection when prompted.

Note that erasing your Red’s Club Account does not erase any game accounts associated with your Red’s Club Account. To erase a game account, see the instructions above on this page.

If you have any issues with your erasure request, please contact Player Support via the in-game functionality. Note that we can only fulfill an erasure request or assist with one if we can successfully authenticate that you are the rightful holder of the account.